Curl Up with Bedsheets

After a hard day’s work, you do want to come back to your cozy nest, isn’t it? Don’t like the current state of your home? Get in touch with the hidden interior decorator in you to set the ball rolling. Throw out that stash of old bed linen and get an all new collection to turn your home into a gorgeous place to crash!

"Bedsheets at Jabong"Let’s make a night to remember! Snuggle with your husband in bed linen that promises many delightful memories. Jabong displays their vast collection of bedding that will guarantee sleepless nights.

Check out our wonderful collection of crisp new bedsheets crafted from intricate detailing and fine exquisite texture. Let the solid colours seep into the walls of your room instantly brightening up the atmosphere. If vintage and tribal prints gets you kicked then we have got it all exclusively for our loyal customers! Fill the magic of these shades into your room and breathe fresh life instantly! Splash on the pillows and don’t deter away from mixing patterns because that’s the new trend now! Mix and match florals, tribal prints, geometrics, checks and so on! Big prints make the room look larger than usual so make your purchases accordingly! It’s easier to alter your bedding arrangements rather than get into the feng-shui jazz, isn’t it?

Whether it’s bedding, pillow covers, towels, bed linen, grab them all without any second thoughts. Impress the guests with a stylish home that leaves them speechless! Shop crazily for Bedsheets Online at Jabong!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014 !

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s finally the happy climax to one of the most romantic weeks of the year. Tomorrow, it’s back to the same old, same old. So, make the most of today! Revel in the happiness and love that exists between the two of you by enjoying the day to the hilt.

"Jabong"The best part of this Valentine’s Day is that it falls around the weekend. So, steal your partner off to the nearest resort. Go on a holiday where you both can relax and spend quality time together. Make this day one to never forget with Valentine’s Day Gifts for him/her.

Wondering what to gift your sweetheart? Make her day with a slinky, sensuous dress that would suit her stunning figure. No woman in her right mind would say no to jewellery! Buy out the stock and she would shine brighter than a diamond. You want that beaming smile to never disappear, right? She would feel like a Princess as you plan out the day for her with some heart-felt gestures.

Blow away all the clichés and gift your man something that will make him blush with happiness. If not clothing attire, gift him fashion accessories! How about styling him personally on this day? How about cuff links, wallets and mufflers? Designed for the perfect suave gentleman, your partner would be a changed person after you are done with him.

So, have you decided how your Valentine’s Day is going to roll? Shop on Jabong Online Shopping and make your extended weekend one to remember forever!

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Happy Kiss Day!

It’s just one day to go for Valentine’s Day! Who says showering your love with gifts and dinners is the only way to express your love? The unspoken words that you exchange with each other make your relationship blissful so cherish each and every moment together!

"Jabong"After you are done with purchasing Valentine’s Day gifts for him/her, it’s time for the real fun! It’s kiss day so how about spending some leisure time in the pleasant interiors of your cozy home? Clink your wine glass and get a take-away home. Watch a movie and unwind by cuddling each other on your bed. A tender kiss on her forehead would show how much she means to you.

The most awaited day of February is almost here so plan your special day starting today! Check out Jabong Online Shopping to make the weekend perfect for your lady love.

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Happy Hug Day!

It’s Hug Day! If you are someone who always falls short of words to tell your partner then this is the perfect day for you to profess your love. A hug is known to be more effective than spoken words to console, comfort or make them feel very special. Know that a hug will reveal more of what you mean to say so don’t deter yourself from giving that spontaneous hug!

"Jabong"On this special day, splurge on Valentine’s Day Gifts for him/her and make it a refreshing experience for your sweetheart. Hug and hold on to her as tight as you can. It’s just 2 days to go for V-Day so sweep her off her feet with your sweet nothings. So go ahead and give your partner a ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ and see their eyes light up!

Shop crazily on Jabong Online Shopping to make Valentine’s Day the best day of your life!

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Happy Promise Day!

After the fun gifts, mark today’s day in the calendar! Prove to each other that your love is ever-lasting and unconditional. It’s the day to make promises and fulfill them every single day of your life together.

"promiseday"Yes, it’s Promise Day! After all, the Valentine’s Day Gifts for him/her that you showered on your beloved, it’s up to you to make each day the finest. Assure your loved one that you are always with them no matter what the circumstance. It’s not just girls who are insecure. Even guys need to be told how much you love them. Pamper your partner when they are low and cherish the happy moments as and when they come.

Promise you will be with them through thick and thin. Promise that whatever’s yours is theirs. Promise to look after them and show commitment and respect for each other for time immemorial. Make all these promises and celebrate this day with aplomb!

Shop on at Jabong !

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